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Did you know, nearly 1 in 5  orthodontic patients are adults? With more and more adults seeking orthodontic treatment, it’s no surprise that there’s an increase in patients looking for more aesthetically pleasing (or “invisible”) option. But, good news! There are more invisible options than just Invisalign or other plastic aligners! The 21st century has blessed us with lingual braces, brackets on the inside of the teeth. Not only are these brackets “invisible” but they tend to move teeth faster, and more efficiently than aligners OR traditional braces! The latest in  lingual brackets is a company named Inbrace. We here at Miller Orthodontics were the first to offer Inbrace and recently provided training for other doctors from all over the US for our Inbrace open house!

But What is INBRACE?

These braces consist of brackets and wire just like traditional braces, but they are placed on the tongue side of the teeth. Many adult and teenage patients are nervous to begin treatment due to the fear of unwanted attention to something they may already be self-conscious about, their smile. Inbrace is the latest and most technological brand of lingual braces. During our Inbrace open house, the Miller Orthodontics team taught assistants,  and doctors from around the country!

Why Braces on the Inside?

Inbrace generally takes 3-8 months (vs 12-24 months with traditional braces!), and can often be accomplished with 2 “SmartWires”. By using a “SmartWire”, your orthodontist has 3D control to precisely move the teeth exactly where they need to be. These robotic bent wires are very precise which translates into fewer appointments. This creates a more convenient treatment type for our patients with a busy schedule. By informing other Orthodontists about Inbrace, we opened the door for many more people to join the Invisable braces world! Although the amount of offices that offer lingual braces is currently limited, it is a new and growing form of treatment that Dr. B is well versed in!

We loved seeing the doctors at this unique in-person educational event … collaborating, discussing and enhancing their lingual knowledge and skills.  If aligners do not work for you due to the lack of esthetics, or complaince, consider this new and exciting type of treatment, that is fast and truely invisable


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