Accelerated Teen Invisalign™ And Clear Braces To Straighten Teeth On Teens And Adults, aligner v braces, Miller Orthodontics Blog

Accelerated Teen Invisalign™ And Clear Braces To Straighten Teeth On Teens And Adults, aligner v braces, Miller Orthodontics Blog

If you want to learn more about accelerated teen Invisalign™ and clear braces in Park City, this is the place to be. Figuring out what it takes to get what you need for a great price is always a smart plan. This can make a big difference in how a teen perceives themselves and can help with dental health problems.

When people get traditional braces, they’re not able to eat anything they want. The great thing about the teen version of the Invisalign™ or Clear Correct™ product is that you can remove the aligners before eating. There aren’t any rubber bands or other annoying things in your mouth that make it difficult to eat whatever you wish. You do have to remember to replace it after eating and you’ll be fine after enjoying meals which for some, is a difficult task, which is why clear braces are an option to consider when compliance could be an issue.

Just like traditional braces, aligner therapy (Invisalign or Clear Correct) are typically covered by insurance. While this sometimes is not the most expensive way to get teeth aligned, it certainly would be a lot more affordable with help from an insurance company. We can help you maximize your insurance benefits. If this is just for a minor cosmetic kind of an issue, aligner therapy is often a more affordable option. However, when an alignment issue has to be corrected braces may be the most cost effective approach, or at least a combination of braces on the back teeth with Invisalign or Clear Correct on the front teeth might be the best option.

Acceledent™ is a medical device that is worn 20 minutes per day, that uses microvibrations to soften the bone for significantly faster tooth movement with less pain. Know that this is an accelerated way to straighten your teeth, and so you have to be able to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours each day but you change aligners in ½ the time, thus faster treatment! This enables you to get it done quickly and efficiently. It’s much like running a marathon and finishing in the front elite group, not in the back where the time is often doubled!

You may have to get your teeth adjusted in width so that they can fit when using Invisalign or braces for your teeth. This technique called interproximal reduction, is well documented in the literature, many long term studies show it is beneficial for long term periodontal or gum health. Feel free to ask Dr. Miller for a copy of these studies or a more detailed explanation. Make sure you’re comfortable with this because it is a strange feeling and it may make some people very anxious but then you must consider the alternative of tooth removal! Additional options such as expanding the dental arches sometimes are recommended if the upper teeth are too narrow. Usually a combination of expansion and interproximal reduction provides adequate room to align teeth and avoid extractions.

Going carefully through your options when it comes to accelerated teen Invisalign or clear braces can help you quite a bit. Since this procedure is a long term investment, it’s a smart plan to get to know what it all entails and how to make it go well. At Miller Orthodontics, we take great pride in explaining your options in a manner that best fits your lifestyle and needs.


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