Early Treatment with Miller Orthodontics

“Two-Phase” Orthodontic Treatment Explained

Miller Orthodontics provides quality orthodontic care for young patients. Early orthodontic treatment is intended to uncover and correct bite issues before adulthood. These bite issues, left untreated, inevitably lead to more significant orthodontic issues and less effective treatment results in the future.

Early treatment is also referred to as “two-phase” or interceptive orthodontic treatment, because it seeks to intercept bite issues prior to the emergence of permanent teeth.

Two-phase orthodontic treatment may consist of several different methods of bite correction including palate expanders, retainers, crossbows, braces and other orthodontic appliances. These tools aid in preventing tooth extractions or jaw surgery, correcting overbite/crossbite issues, and alleviating other tooth or jaw alignment problems.

Most children will not have orthodontic issues that require two-phase treatment. However, in severe cases, early orthodontic treatment has not just proven effective, but also impressive.

Images of the different ages of orthodontics treatment for children.

In more ways than one, Miller Orthodontics is a family practice.

A young boy with lightforce braces.
Miller Orthodontics is always keeping up with the latest technology, including the option of Lightforce Orthodontics custom 3D braces!

Here at Miller Orthodontics we have lots of options for early treatment! Between crossbows and expanders (or RPE’s) we can easily get an early approach to fixing any bite. As far as making teeth straight, we carry braces in multiple colors, including a light white silver, light gold, bright gold and clear. Our array of bracket colors and elastics are sure to make any child excited about braces! We also have recently started offering Lightforce Orthodontics braces. These braces are custom 3D printed for each individual patient off a scan of their teeth. This means less time in the orthodontists office!

The Crossbow™ Appliance is used to correct overbites in children and teens. The appliance prevents the lower jaw from moving backward, opening and closing movements still occur easily.