Stray Wires, loose brackets & sharp metal, oh my!

Miller Orthodontics solves Orthodontic Emergencies!

Although it is not something that happens to every patient, there are true orthodontic & dental emergencies that require immediate attention. The best news is this: most after-hours orthodontic troubles can be rapidly resolved with wax, a pencil eraser, or limiting movement until you visit us. There is also a website you can visit to educate yourself about solutions to 99% of the orthodontic problems that may arise during treatment with braces, aligners or other orthodontic appliances.

But if your orthodontic emergency is beyond a simple solution, you are in safe and experienced hands with the doctors and staff at Miller Orthodontics. Drs. Robert and Juliana Miller have extensive experience in comfortably and capably resolving all manner of orthodontic emergencies for patients. Whether you are dealing with lost or protruding wires, or your young ones tangling with discomfort, we are prepared with an orthodontic solution to the problem.

Image of a teenager with braces on a roller coaster.

Miller Orthodontics is ready to fix any orthodontic & dental emergencies that require immediate attention.