Adult Braces at Miller Orthodontics

“It’s never too late for a beautiful smile!”

Adults who are considering smile correction, you may be thinking about the cosmetic improvements that accompany exceptional orthodontic care. However, aesthetic improvements are not the only advantage of quality orthodontic treatment with Miller Orthodontics. Improving the alignment of your teeth and jaw can significantly impact your oral health in a positive way.

Crooked teeth and misaligned bite are shown to contribute to gum loss, tooth decay, abnormal wearing of enamel, bone loss, and even the worsening of TMJ/TMD symptoms like jaw and joint pain. Why risk so much trouble over a problem that can be corrected? Miller Orthodontics has over 25 years of experience providing adult braces and other orthodontic treatment to adults with orthodontic issues of all kinds.

For adults seeking orthodontic treatment, this is good news! We are passionate about providing quality orthodontic treatment in a comfortable patient atmosphere.  The advanced techniques and tools we utilize for orthodontic smile correction greatly reduce patient discomfort, decrease the frequency of doctor visits and shorten treatment time, while usually offering a variety of treatment options. At Miller Orthodontics, we give you options, because your comfort is our responsibility. A beautiful smile and good oral health will improve your well-being and self-confidence.

We have multiple options for adults including traditional braces (in clear, silver rhodium or light gold), 3M Clairty aligners/Invisalign, Inbrace and the newest in technology…LIGHTFORCE!

An adult patient with her clear braces.
An adult patient with her lightforce aesthetic braces.

Braces aren’t just for kids

Although braces are more commonly seen among kids and teens, it is not unusual for adults to seek out the potential benefits of orthodontic treatment. Miller Orthodontics believes it is never too late to improve your smile, and provides a variety of options for adults interested in smile correction. Drs. Robert & Juliana Miller have experience diagnosing and treating adult orthodontic issues using several different types of orthodontic appliances and techniques.

Adults who choose to schedule a complimentary orthodontic evaluation will find themselves met with a handful of potential treatment options. Miller Orthodontics strives to remain on the forefront of orthodontic technology, and our array of available treatments reflects that effort.Most people know about metal braces, but advanced technology has also led to the development of clear braces, 3M Clairty/Invisalign® aligners, 3D printed braces, and even lingual braces (InBrace.)

Our digital and analog selection of orthodontic appliances are great options for adults.

Adult wearing 3M Clarity Aligners

Adult wearing 3M Clarity Aligners

The most common adult orthodontic appliance is removable, clear aligners. We offer both Invisalign and 3M Clarity Aligners. 3M Clarity Aligners are the newest in technology, offering smaller “attachments” and a more truly “clear” aligner. These are a great option for adults who didn’t wear those retainers as a kid and whose teeth have shifted in adulthood. Aligners require a “scan” appointment where one of our assistants will scan your teeth and send the scans, pictures and radiographs of your teeth to an outside company (3M/Invisalign.) 3M/Invisalign will then 3D print these custom aligners specifically for you around the treatment plan you and the doctor(s) come up with!
We also offer traditional braces, in a variety of colors, for adults! These colors include clear, light gold, and a rhodium plated white silver. Traditional braces are an excellent option for adults, teens and children alike. The “analog” option of braces doesn’t require any scanning, outside software/companies or 3D printing so these can be started ASAP!

Another extremely popular option for adults is InBrace. InBrace is ultimately “braces on the inside.” The “smart wires” used by InBrace make your teeth typically move faster than traditional braces or aligners, and require less visits to our office! InBrace (or lingual braces) requires a scan appointment. At this appointment the assistant will scan your teeth, and then send the scans, photos and radiographs of your teeth to InBrace. InBrace will then 3D print your custom wires around the treatment plan you and the doctor(s) finalize! Because InBrace brackets and wires are on the INSIDE of your teeth instead of the outside, they’re virtually “Invisible Braces!”

Miller Orthodontics is always known for having the “latest and greatest” in technology, and this includes your treatment! LightForce is the newest technology in orthodontics. LightForce is 3D printed braces, to fit the contours of your teeth exactly. This custom design requires less time in the orthodontic chair, less visits to our office, shorter offices visits and ultimately a shorter treatment time. LightForce requires a scan appointment. At this appointment the assistant will scan your teeth, and then send the scans, photos and radiographs of your teeth to LightForce. Lightforce will then 3D print your custom brackets around the treatment plan you and the doctor(s) finalize!

Upon your first evaluation, you and your orthodontist will determine the best treatment path for your diagnosis. We will develop and outline your treatment plan, creating an expected timeline and estimating an approximate cost. Many of our patients are adults, and they unanimously agree that it is never too late to improve your greatest asset – your smile.