Did you ever want to know what braces or invisalign cost in Park City Utah? In Utah treatment generally ranges between 2,000 to $6500. The exact amount is mostly dependent on how long it takes to accomplish the objectives. For this reason we cannot quote an exact fee until one of our doctors evaluates the patient.

Why can you not give an exact price?

As a medical treatment, braces or Invisalign is highly tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient as a result of a customized unique treatment plan.

What affects orthodontic treatment costs?

There are many different types of appliances or devices used in conjunction with braces and Invisalign that affects the costs, however the main factor is treatment time. At Miller Orthodontics, every effort is made to optimize or reduce treatment time that ultimately reduces treatment costs. We use braces and appliance systems that are not made in the USA, but right here in Utah! Precision manufacturing coupled by excellent adhesives result in timely treatment. We know that shorter treatment times result in better results with fewer side effects. Damon braces are a brand of braces that claim to treat faster with a better biologic outcome, but studies published have not substantiated these claims. Other trends with unsubstantiated claims include 6 month smiles. This is a tooth movement system marketed to general dentists after they take a weekend course that does not correct alignment of the back teeth, often resulting in teeth that are unstable and difficult to keep straight. 6monthsmiles is the brand name and the costs range 3000-4500$ but the results occur rarely in 6 months, even though the brand name says otherwise. One of the major improvements recently is Invisalign. Now that most Invisalign providers use intraoral scanners, the accuracy of tray aligners allow us to move teeth with a similar level of detail and accuracy as traditional braces, and now better than most results achieved with lingual braces or incognito, a method popular before aligner therapy.

How can I find what my orthodontic treatment costs?

Schedule a complementary customized consultation. The doctors will gather enough information to formulate a plan the best fits the needs for tooth alignment using a method agreeable to the patient. The doctors can estimate treatment methods and time needed which determines the cost. Traditional braces cost less than clear or ceramic braces because they are more challenging. Invisalign can take longer than traditional braces, which sometimes affects the fee.

What can I do to help with orthodontic costs?

At Miller Orthodontics, we offer flexible, no interest payment plans that can work with any budget. Insurance benefits are applied to the fee, and applied usually throughout the time the braces are on. This information is often discussed at the initial visit. Our goal at Miller Orthodontics is to achieve a stable, natural smile that is maintained through normal retainer wear at night. For additional information, visir our website: m2ortho.com, or call our office today, 435-731-4111.