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Utah is a state blessed with abundant natural beauty and lifestyle options, which in turn, attract the best healthcare providers.  Many specialty healthcare options such as orthodontics is typically provided by a dentist who continued his or her training for 2-3 years after dental school in an accredited full time residency program, usually affiliated with a hospital or dental school.

In Park City and surrounding communities such as Heber City, Kamas, and Midway, our community is blessed with many orthodontic options.

Top Orthodontists in Heber Valley

There are 2 full time practices in Heber City Drs. Wright and Dr Brown.  Both of these practices have been serving the Heber Valley for many years and offer a wide variety of orthodontic services.

Several primary care dentists in the Heber Valley offer some orthodontic services also.  You might ask, what are the pros and cons of seeking orthodontic services from a non-specialist?  The one advantage, is you already know that provider, and the practice, but there are several other things to consider.  Is this provider trained in correcting underlying bite issues?  Will these bite issues lead to relapse?  Is this provider really qualified to treat mis-aligned teeth after attending weekend or online courses?  The focus of these weekend courses is to make dentists more profitable as seen in this course brochure.

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Top Orthodontists in Park City

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In Park City there are more orthodontists per capita than anywhere else in the state of Utah!  Much of the orthodontic care is provided by trained/qualified orthodontists within a primary care dental office.  They claim better service, one stop shopping, easier insurance processing, which are factors to consider, however what if you have an emergency?  These practices only have an orthodontic specialist in the office anywhere from one day a month, to 1 day per week. These practices include Vincent Team orthodontics, The Park City Dental Spa, and Mountain High Dental.   These doctors typically live in Salt Lake City and are not available for after hours emergencies.

In Park City Proper, there are 2 full time orthodontic practices that serve the community by both providing orthodontic services that fit the needs of patients and parents in the community.  Park City is unique, in that many of the teens and pre-teens are involved in extra-curricular activities, so one should consider the office hours when considering an orthodontic.  The other advantage is the 2 practices offer a wider range of services such as lower dose digital radiographs and more highly skilled and trained orthodontic technicians.

Park City Orthodontics

Dr Jeff Sumsion at Park City Orthodontics has been here full time the longest, and offers Damon braces, or self-ligating braces.  This manufacture claims the teeth move faster, but recent studies are inconclusive.  More recent advances in faster tooth movement include techniques such as Acceledent or Propel (alveocentesis), both of which that work well with Invisalign as well as traditional metal or clear braces.

Miller Orthodontics

At Miller Orthodontics, these services are available as well as digital scanning of the teeth that eliminates the need for wet impressions.  We also pride ourselves also being local, and using local products.  Our braces, adhesives, wires and retainers are made right here in Utah!  We also give back to the community where we live by supporting The Park City Education Foundation thru Running with Ed, and the Red Apple Gala.  We also support youth sports such as High School Football, Basketball and Hockey, as well as youth football, where Dr. Miller Coaches in the fall.  In summary, if you are seeking orthodontic treatment, consider a practioner that is both highly trained and experienced, and also lives in the community where they practice or, think local!

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The Miller Orthodontics Family

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