The history of the Orthodontic Angle Society is one that is rich from top to bottom. It is pertinent to take a look at its history inside and out to find the true meaning of its value to orthodontics in the past and present. This society is named after Dr. Angle who was the founder of it and has become a renowned name in the world of orthodontics at the turn of the last century. His inventions have become the foundation for how orthodontics work right now. Without his inventive mind, orthodontics might never have been what it is today. Here is a detailed look at the history behind this society.

Image of Dr. Angle

Who Was Dr. Angle?

To understand the value of the society as a whole. It is essential to go back in time and find out who Dr. Angle was in addition to being labeled as the ‘father of orthodontics’. Dr. Angle lived in Pennsylvania early in his career where he was a lecturer and taught students about dentistry in the 1890’s. At the time, he was only allowed to give a select few lectures on orthodontics, and his mentor was Dr William Kingsley who wrote the first text book on orthodontics in 1880, however, his interest in the topic continued to grow as time went on. As his energy and focus in the topic grew, so did his ability to create new techniques and devices to help him along on his journey. One of the first orthopedic oral devices that he created came in the form of the jack and traction screw. This was used to help him conduct further studies into how orthodontics could potentially grow into a ‘specialty’ where a dentist would only practice that discipline. He later went on to help form the American board of Orthodontics in 1929, the first dental specialty. It was when he became the ‘Chair of Orthodontia’ that he was able to refocus the entire sub-sector of dentistry.

Creation Of the Orthodontic Angle Society

What caused this society to be born? Was it just Dr. Angle’s willingness to have some sort of order when it came to orthodontics? Yes, this was the case to some extent, but it was the willingness of his students to learn more and remain up to date that created the society in 1922. The initial members came from his private orthodontic program in Pasadena California. This was done in a way to ensure the brightest minds were coming together and speaking on the latest advancements in orthodontics.

Development Of The Angle Orthodontist

The society ceased to meet after the passing away of Dr. Angle in 1928, but that did not stop his students from pressing forward. With the help of Mrs. Angle, the students were able to refocus their attentions and implement their intellect into forming an academic journey called ‘The Angle Orthodontist’ which is still regarded as the most prestigious orthodontic journal today.

More and more ‘members’ were added into the journal’s collection and these individuals started to meet up and create a new society along the same lines as the original. In no time, the number of members went through the roof and the society picked up again.

This detailed history of Orthodontic Angle Society is key when it comes to pinpointing how orthodontics has grown over the years (since 1880) and what its roots are. This can help provide context to how some of the biggest inventions and/or decisions came about in the field. In addition to being “Board Certified” Dr Bob Miller is a member of this prestigious society and attends meetings regularly both in the US and abroad.