Park City

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Our team is so excited to meet you and help you get that perfect smile!

At Miller Orthodontics, our experience helps us to create beautiful smiles in a comfortable atmosphere where patients feel confident in care they receive. The Drs. and orthodontic team at Miller Orthodontics regularly attend workshops and seminars to remain on the forefront of orthodontic technology and methodology. Our orthodontics team is focused on delivering quality treatment while crafting a exceptional patient experience. The level of skill you will find at Miller Orthodontics is only matched by the warmth, enthusiasm and experience our team brings to patient care. It is our aim to create a peerless patient experience, and to do that, we create an environment that encourages comfort, collaboration and results.

Cannot say enough good things about the staff... Everyone really makes the visits enjoyable
and we are amazed at how her teeth are progressing.

~ Gillian A

The staff here is amazing! They are so nice and professional. I love the payment plan options.
I checked out the other orthodontist in town & that experience was NOT good. They wanted to
make another appointment for x-rays, etc. & CHARGE you for it!! I came here next & new it was
the place for me from the get-go! They did all the pictures, x-rays and such at the consult! And had
options for me quite quickly. I wouldn’t dare go anywhere else.

~ Liz F

Each person we meet there is so friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help.
Everyone is fantastic. Can't say enough about the practice. We made the right choice
going to you for sure and will be back with our other 2 daughters when the time is right.

~ Mary M

Dr. Miller has set the bar so high - your care and results far exceed what happens
in most offices. Thank You!

~ Rachael P